A 2River Summer “So Lustfully Near”


The temp’s building fast to the release of the 19.4 (Summer 2015) issue of 2RV. To up the heat, here’s a poem from the mag by Maria Elting.

Stems (a revelation of suicide considered)

I should like to keep the flowers fresh by the windowside
I should like to dry and press them free from the brittle grief of wilting, you below,
So, do not, just yet, go.
A week, a month, next Fall, fifty Falls from now but
a plot and stone grow no green that is more becoming
than the pink Spring of your cheeks this morning, in bed,
me beside
fifty Falls will come, come rushing, come quick
they will come to you so—do not so quickly run from me, while the flowers are fresh
and your dear soft skin going rosen and gold,
announcing a summer so lustfully near.

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