Spoke Word Jazz Poetry

Clark Holtzman, a past contributor to 2River, with David Manning, rehearsing for their Spoken Word Jazz Poetry performance at historic Thailan Hall, in Wilmington, North Carolina.

2River and Muddy Bank Ready for NPM18

National Poetry Month is just a week away, and 2River and Muddy Bank are busy preparing a po’ card for each day of the month. Until then, spend some time with the 2017 selections from last year.


New Spring Issue of 2RV


Now at 2River

Spring Tease II

Have faith. Ignore the late winter snow. Spring is coming! Meanwhile, here’s a second teaser from the Spring issue of The 2River View.


Bill Freedman is a retired professor of English Literature, a scholar of modern literature, and a historian of baseball fans. His poems have appeared in The Antioch Review, The California Quarterly, The Iowa Review, The Nation, The Quarterly, Rattle, Shenandoah, and elsewhere.

Spring Tease

It was snowing here in St. Louis the other day, but 2River continues to move forward toward spring. Read and Listen:


Sally Van Doren, a poet and artist, is the author of three poetry collections, Promise (LSU Press 2017), Possessive (2012) and Sex at Noon Taxes (2008), which received the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American poets. She lives in New York and St. Louis and posts daily excerpts from her ongoing poem, The Sense Series, via Instagram.

2RV Spring 2018 Contributors

Spring’s almost sprung here in St. Louis, so it’s time to announce contributors to the upcoming Spring 2018 issue of The 2River View: Justin Hyde, Jenny Ahn, Yvonne Amey, Bill Freedman, Anna Keeler, Jane Medved, David Nielson, Virginia Slachman, Rebecca Starks, and Sally Van Doren. Be sure to visit 2River on the first day of spring to read new poems by these fabulous writers.