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Teaser for Spring Issue of 2RV

Go to 2River on March 20 for the Spring 2012 issue of The 2River View, with new poems by Christina Antipa, Victoria Anderson, Katherine Berta, David Ebenbach, Shirley Glubka, Howie Good, D. Lifland, Jo McDougall, Linda McCullough Moore, Laurence O’Dwyer, and Sally Van Doren. But for a teaser, here’s the lead poem of the issue.

Christina Antipa



I saw vultures playing today.
No, they were fighting.
But one wasn’t chasing
and the other wasn’t running away
and they dipped and swirled
like big black leaves.

I saw vultures play just as children do.
No, they were courting.
But one wasn’t chasing
and the other wasn’t running away.
The sky looked wet and satisfied
and desert animals printed messages in the sand
with their feet.

I saw two vultures flap lazily.
One kissed the other’s cheek
with her death-encrusted beak.
They were not in a hurry
as the sun crested on their pink heads
and made them both glisten
bright with blood.

It’s always great to see a poem from 2River picked up elsewhere in the blogosphere! This one by David Harris Ebenbach over at Acts of Art.

Winter Issue of 2RV

The 2River View, 16.2 (Winter 2012)

New poems by Bonnie Arning, Caitlin Jackson, Judy Katz-Levine, John McKernan, Andrea Mehaffie, Adam Peltz, Bertha Rogers, Robin Scofield, James Valvis, Jason M. Vaughn, and Tracy Youngblom; and photography by Brent Pallas.

Happy Holidays

Andy Cox Reads at Black Bear Bakery

Words on Purpose is a committee of socially concerned writers in St. Louis, Missouri, that organizes reading by local writers with all donations going to local nonprofit organizations.