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New Chapbook by Lenny Dellarocca

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Poems at One Sentence Poems

This week One Sentence Poems featured three of my one-sentence poems.

“After Being Long Gone” at One Sentence Poems


The first of three one-sentence poems by the editor of 2River appearing this week at One Sentence Poems.

Richard Long “After Being Long Gone” – One Sentence Poems:

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July 4, 2022: The Summer 2022 issue of The 2River View is now available. Read and listen to new poems by Michelle Hendrixson-Miller, Dawn Angelicca Barcelona, Aurora Bones, Ian Capelli, Abigail Dembo, Jessica Freeman, Kevin Miller, Vanessa Ogle, Federica Santini, and Vivian Wagner. And don’t forget that 2River is now reading for the 27.1 (Fall 2022) issue of 2RV.

Winter 2022 Issue of 2RV Now Online

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