A Poem for Day 4 of National Poetry Month

Charles Wright, “It’s Sweet to Be Remembered”
Video by Audrey Weiss, STLCC–Meramec Student

Strength by Shannon Moses

To sate your thirst for the upcoming Fall 2015 issue of The 2River View, here’s a short video essay by Shannon Moses, a student last Spring semester in Dr. Richard Long’s Composition II class at STLCC–Meramec.

Strength by Shannon Moses

Follow the BASH

2River in summers travels the country self-supported by bicycle. Here is the trailer for the upcoming Bikeride Around Superior and Huron (The BASH) which will complete the epic circumnavigation by bicycle of America’s great lakes.
Jump over to The UCity Review for a couple of a poems derived from these rides.

She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Way

A video essay by Justin Race on the poem by William Wordsworth. Justin made the video for his poetry and plays class at STLCC–Meramec.

It’s Sweet to Be Remembered

A video presentation of “It’s Sweet To Be Remembered” by Charles Wright. Audrey Weiss created the video as her favorite poem project in a Poetry Writing class at St. Louis Community College–Meramec.

A Video Essay by Katie Baker

“14” from The Dream Songs by John Berryman. Katie Baker recorded the video essay as a culminating experience in her Poetry and Plays class at St. Louis Community College–Meramec

Student Video of “Lamentation”

“Lamentation”  by Jason Schneiderman. Video by Silas Marner, a student of mine in Poetry and Plays at STLCC–Mermamec.

Calamity Joe

It’s always great to receive a book with poems from a previous issue of The 2River View. Red Hen Press just sent me a copy of Calamity Joe by Brendan Constantine, with “The Boy Has Come Back” and “I Dreamt I Was Your Finger,” two poems which first appeared the 15.1 (Fall 2010) issue of 2RV. Jump over to Red Hen to purchase the book!

Two Poems from the Spring 2012 Issue of 2RV

Katherine Berta


You, of whom
I am supposedly made,
tighten your fingers
around a lung.
If you open out
I am splayed,
meant to be
carved up;
in it there is a justice—
take me away from here,
this filet going to him,
that to her,
everything in pieces.

You told me
you’ve changed your mind—
there’s no such thing as sin,
only the division of a person
from parts of himself,
the organs seceding
one after another,
the thoughts too.
What, then, am I,
meted out—
what can I contain
(everything defined
by what it holds)—this bone
there, that spleen, heart?
If you take me,
you take me apart.

To Sew, To Cook

We take the work in hand.
You take it by the hip, to guide it,
you say. You shoot
from the hip, as they
say. The lisping consonants
work themselves, trace
the edges of a lip, laze against
the head of a bed.

The things you say here
gather meaning to meaning,
a ruching, a folding over,
a bending
to reveal something
gross or intimate.
A thing built to contain.

We put things inside—
let us jar
sugar, flour, let us
shelve the jars. This is
comforting, the arabesque
of a kitchen. The folding logic
of appliances
meant to be stored. Once it’s gone
inside, it is gone. Once we eat,
we eat.
Make it about
containment—what may I hold
with my hands
or otherwise? What may I hold
in my mouth?

from The 2River View, 16.3 (Spring 2012)

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