2River’s Poems for National Poetry Month


Read 2River and Muddy Bank’s 2017 selections for National Poetry Month.

NPM Day 30 | Ted Kooser | March 20: Vernal Equinox


“March 20: the  vernal equinox” by Ted Kooser, from Winter Morning Walks: one hundred postcards to Jim Harrison (Carnegie Mellon UP, 2000)

NPM Day 29 | Marie Howe | Magdalene on Gethsemane


“Magdalene on Gethsemane” by Marie Howe, from Magdalene (Norton, 2017)


NPM Day 28 | Jianqing Zheng | River Moon


“River Moon” by Jianqing Zheng, from Down to the Dark River (Louisiana Literature Press, 2016)

NPM Day 27 |Mark Jackley | The Morning Sun


“The Morning Sun” by Mark Jackley, from THERE WILL BE SILENCE WHILE YOU WAIT (Plain View Press, 2009)

NPM Day 26 | Katy Lederer | The Intellect Can Only Talk About Wisdom


” The Intellect Can Only Talk About Wisdom” by Katy Lederer, from The Heaven Sent Leaf (BOA, 2008)

NPM Day 25 | Philip Schultz | The Stranger in Old Photos


“The Stranger in Old Photos” by Philip Schultz, from
The God of Loneliness: New and Collected Poems (Houghton Mifflin, 2010)

NPM Day 24 | Robert Bly | People Like Us


“People Like Us” by Robert Bly, from Stealing Sugar from the Castle (Norton 2013)

NPM Day 23 | Robert Fernandez | The Ground Beneath


“The Ground Beneath” by Robert Fernandez, from Scarecrow (Wesleyan, 2016)

NPM Day 22 | Gary Soto | Field Poem


“Field Poem” by Gary Soto, from Selected Poems (Chronicle Books, 1995)