Day 6 of National Poetry Month

Knowledge and Memory

Ashley Wilson

Memories I can play
like a VHS inside
my head.

I can recall his voice, a
slow, drowsy drawl with
a condescending edge.
I can recall his taste, a
bittersweet memory.
I can recall how
it felt to be held
in his arms.

The memory refuses to play.
The VHS is broken,
like I am, and
there is black tape littering the carpet.
I can only remember
the blood staining our mattress and
my body’s natural response to
desperately lubricate itself
before more damage was done.

He thought it meant
I liked it,
so he kept going.

from Currents, 50 (2016)

A Poem for Day 4 of National Poetry Month

Charles Wright, “It’s Sweet to Be Remembered”
Video by Audrey Weiss, STLCC–Meramec Student

Achebe LitCard by Nathan Ferreira

Nathan ferreira

Nathan Ferreira, a student in World Literature at STLCC–Meramec, made this LitCard after reading Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe.

Strength by Shannon Moses

To sate your thirst for the upcoming Fall 2015 issue of The 2River View, here’s a short video essay by Shannon Moses, a student last Spring semester in Dr. Richard Long’s Composition II class at STLCC–Meramec.

Strength by Shannon Moses

Bare Minimum by Saul Hernandez

A prose poem and videoed by Saul Hernandez for Dr. Richard Long’s Poetry Writing class (Spring 2015) at St. Louis Community College–Meramec


A literary postcard from Chicklets: A Lit Mag for Chicks. Kristina Dujmovic developed the journal concept in Literary Publishing at St. Louis Community College–Meramec.


Follow her journal at Chicklets.

Popov’s Take on “Digging”

A video essay by Anya Popov on “Digging” by Seamus Heaney. Popov made the video for her poetry and plays class at STLCC–Meramec.

She Dwelt Among the Untrodden Way

A video essay by Justin Race on the poem by William Wordsworth. Justin made the video for his poetry and plays class at STLCC–Meramec.


A video of “Breasts” by Maxine Chernoff. The video was created  by Jorgen Pederson for his Poetry Writing class at STLCC—Meramec.


A video of “Mannequins” by Daniel Mark Epstein. The video was created by Samantha Brenk for her Poetry Writing Class at STLCC–Meramec.