New Pages Has Kind Words about 2River

Just came across this kind review of last winter’s issue of 2RV.

New pages review

Best Online Literary Magazines – Every Writer

So glad to see that Every Writer continues to include 2River in its most recent 2017 list of 20 Best Online Literary Magazines.

Best Online Literary Magazines – Every Writer

Violation by David Faldet (The 2River View) | Minotaur’s Spotlight

Just came across this review of a poem that appeared a couple of years ago in The 2River View. It’s cool that David Faldet’s poems is favorably compared to a poem by Carolyn Forche: “[Her] line stays with me even as I read Faldet’s depiction of history, in all its shame and pain, in its meager recompenses and inhumanity.

Source: Violation by David Faldet (The 2River View) | Minotaur’s Spotlight

2River and the Big Dog Poetry

“Strong and beautiful poems abound, collected in old standbys like Poetry Magazine and proliferating online in innovative electronic journals such as Drunken Boat, 2River View, and Born Magazine.”

via Poems are the New Tweets | Midtown Review.

Sort of Dated: But Still!

Check it out: 2River is listed by Society Hae in  INDIE FOR INDIES: The Rise of Independent Literary Magazines.

2River Rank

As of right now, according to HowManyAreThere, there are 612,843,429 websites in the world. And according to Alexa, not my granddaughter but the web information company, 2River’s global rank is 6,364, 838. If those numbers are right, and my math is right (given amount divided by total amount multiplied by 100) then 2River falls in the top 1.03% of websites in the world. Hmmm….

2River Keeps Good Company

Society HAE (SHAE), an online media and events production company that promotes emerging art and culture from a global perspective, include 2River it’s list of rising independent literary magazines. It’s nice to be mentioned along with The North American Review and La Petite Zine.

2River Screen Reading

2River, like a shy boy or girl, always blushes whenever it receives a compliment, such as the one over at New Pages, where the reviewer for the most recent Screen Reading says that the summer issue of 2RV “contains poetry that [unsettles and] moves … definitely worth a second look.”

Columbia College Chicago : Two Reviews: 2River View

It’s always nice to come across reviews of 2River, these two by writers at Columbia College in Chicago. The first review relies heavily on a 2007 interview at Ephemera, and the second is based more on direct observation of 2River. What I like about the two reviews is that both writers suggest that the poetry selections are informed by a single person rather than by a group or committee, and so the poetry at 2River projects a vision. Whether that vision is good or not, the two writers don’t say.

Columbia College Chicago : Two Reviews: 2River View.