2River Rank

As of right now, according to HowManyAreThere, there are 612,843,429 websites in the world. And according to Alexa, not my granddaughter but the web information company, 2River’s global rank is 6,364, 838. If those numbers are right, and my math is right (given amount divided by total amount multiplied by 100) then 2River falls in the top 1.03% of websites in the world. Hmmm….

About Richard Long

I'm a Professor of English at Saint Louis Community College--Meramec, where I teach composition, creative writing, environmental literature, and poetry. I also edit 2River, home of the 2River View, the 2River Chapbook Series, and Muddy Bank. You can also follow me on my bicycle as I tour the country, self supported, at richardtreks.blogspot.com.
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