2RV, 23.1 (Fall 2018) Submission Stats

It’s near the beginning of the Fall semester, and that means a new Fall issue of The 2River View, with exciting poems by Maggie Hess, Erin Carlyle, Clara Chu, Mark Conway, Caitlin Ferguson, Sandra Kolankiewizc, Josie Levin, Mark Prudowsky, Jill Roberts, Jonathan Scruggs, and Rebecca A. Spears–all fine poets ranging from long established writers to a high school senior. Keep in touch with Muddy Bank for a few teasers prior to the full release of the issue.

NPM 2018 | Day 25 | “Voice Lessons from a Writing Class” by Karen June Olson


Spring Tease II

Have faith. Ignore the late winter snow. Spring is coming! Meanwhile, here’s a second teaser from the Spring issue of The 2River View.


Bill Freedman is a retired professor of English Literature, a scholar of modern literature, and a historian of baseball fans. His poems have appeared in The Antioch Review, The California Quarterly, The Iowa Review, The Nation, The Quarterly, Rattle, Shenandoah, and elsewhere.

Spring Tease

It was snowing here in St. Louis the other day, but 2River continues to move forward toward spring. Read and Listen:


Sally Van Doren, a poet and artist, is the author of three poetry collections, Promise (LSU Press 2017), Possessive (2012) and Sex at Noon Taxes (2008), which received the Walt Whitman Award from the Academy of American poets. She lives in New York and St. Louis and posts daily excerpts from her ongoing poem, The Sense Series, via Instagram.

2RV Winter 2018 Contributors Announced

It’s not winter yet here in St. Louis, but the cold weather has settled in, so it’s time to announce contributors to the upcoming Winter 2018 issue of The 2River View: Daniel Bourne, Clara Burghelea, Andrew Cox, Elizabeth Forsythe, Laura E. Hoffman, JC Hopkins, Brock Jones, Kevin McLellan, Wendy Noonan, Martin Ott, and Stella Vinitchi Radulescu. Be sure to visit 2River on the first day of winter to read new poems by these fabulous writers.

22 2 Stats
Submission Stats for 22.2 (Winter 2018)

Winter = New 2RV

It’s here: winter! As well as a great pristine issue of The 2River View, with new poems by Lee Robison, Ayla Fudala, Paulette Guerin, Kathryn Jacobs, Babo Kamel, Mary Kasimor, Mercedes Lawry, David Murchison, Mae Remme, Jeanne Wagner, William Walsh.


Summer’s Giving Way to Fall Issue of 2RV

It’s September in St. Louis, where the midwest heat is starting to fade like a late summer day, a sure sign a cool Fall issue of The 2River View is just down the road.

western_roadSo a friendly reminder: hit 2River on the first day of fall for the 20.1 (Fall 2016) issue of The 2River View, where you’ll find new poems by Scott Edward Anderson, Walter Bargen, Lana Bella, Michelle Brooks, Vincent Casaregola, Ja’net Danielo, Daniel Fitzpatrick, Christien Gholson, Vincent Poturica, William Rector, and Amanda Wells.

An Early Summer Arrival at 2River


So what if it’s mid-spring. Jump over to 2River for the summer issue of The 2River View, with new poems by Jo Ann Baldinger, Taylor Bond, Matthew Scott Freeman, Guiseppe Getto, Alex Greenberg, M. Nassori Pavone, Carlos Reyes, Jane Stephens Rosenthal, Danielle Sellers, William Waters, and Wendy Wisner. 2River is also now reading for the 21.1 (Fall 2016) issue of 2RV. Read the guidelines.

From the Upcoming Summer 2RV

The 20.4 (Summer 2016) issue of The 2River View is just a few days away. Anticipate new poems as hot and crazy as this teaser:

Matthew Scott Freeman

My God is Not a Platonic God, Though

I was walking up Delmar out of lockdown
to get my beautifully meaningful
soda when I saw
a pretty girl coming out
of the light and into the shadow
and I passed her by
and when I came into
the soft light I stopped
and knelt and prayed for mercy

and I was not quite actually
a part of the real world
and talk about the failure
to reach the impossible thing
like catching a catnap on my
ex-girlfriend’s grave and an evil
spirit coming in and out of me
and body language and the CIA
and the mirror and trying not
to be a loser and gone beyond girls
and I said this to the mirror
I said Father Good when Lesbia
comes back I promise to
love her just like an angel would.

Matthew Scott Freeman holds an MFA from the University of Missouri–St Louis, where he was given the graduate poetry prize. His fifth book, Everything I Love Restored, was recently published by Coffeetown Press.

Visit 2River late next week for the 20.4 (Summer 2016) issue of The 2River View, with hot new poems by Jo Ann Baldinger, Taylor Bond, Matthew Scott Freeman, Guiseppe Getto, Alex Greenberg, M. Nassori Pavone, Carlos Reyes, Jane Stephens Rosenthall, Danielle Sellers, William Waters, and Wendy Wisner.


Cover photo of Summer issue by Sarah Katharina Kayß