Teaser for Spring 2014 Issue of The 2River View

Jump over to 2River late next week for the Spring 2014 issue of The 2River View, with new poems by Bindu Bansinath, Kristin Bassett, J. L. Conrad, Craig Cotter, Francis Daulerio, Jim Elsaesser, David Faldet, Mark Kliewer, Natasha Moni, Anne Nance, and Bethany Price; and photography by Drew Campbell. Meanwhile, here’s a teaser:

Francis Daulerio

Spring Hymn

And when the world came back
to life
I had to remind myself
that it was not
the same.

The blooms were
some new,
some had split
and branched off
toward opposite sides of Heaven.

Some had not returned at all,
and I noticed their absence.

Francis Daulerio is an English teacher. His work has appeared in A Clean, Well-Lighted Place, Crack the Spine, Escarp, The Shot Glass Journal, and Whiskey Island.

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