With the Super Moon Comes the Fall Issue of 2RV

Look this coming Sunday of the super moon for the Fall issue of The 2River View, with new poems by Robert Nazarene, Alison D. Moncrief Bromage, Mario Duarte, Christien Gholson, Mark Jackley, John Leo, Rita Maria Martinez, Erin Pringle-Toungate, Meaghan Quinn, Betsy Fogelman Tighe, and Richard Weaver.

Postcard painting by Franz Marc

Meanwhile, like pages swirling down like an autumn leaves, here fall two poems from the issue.

Mark Jackley

Twenty Years after She Dies, Your Mom Invites my Daughter to Go Sledding with your Kids

Her voice brassy as ever.
The phone is black,
its cord

curled the way they were.
Night falls
in my dream—

a snowy hill, one moment
bright in time
or someplace

else where laughter
bursts in little flames.

Where Did our Love Go?

Diana Ross, I know.

It slipped out of that house she rented up on Chicken Mountain,
padded in bare feet
to the moonlit gap between
the porch and barn and stopped
to wiggle toes
in clover,
and maybe for the first time,

Mark Jackley has poems in Fifth Wednesday, Sugar House Review, Tampa Review, Talking River, and other journals. His recent chapbook is Appalachian Night. Jackley lives in Sterling, Virginia.

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