Not to Matter It Still Feels Like Summer

Here in St. Louis, the temp is shooting up to nearly 100 degrees today, yet we have faith that autumn and a new issue of 2RV will fall this Friday with the certainty of a leaf! While you wait, enjoy this new poem from the upcoming issue.

Morgan Eklund


This—is how far away from my father
I feel tonight.
I am still thirteen.
I am thirteen years away from him.
He is thirteen years younger.

There—we haven’t aged a moment.
We are in between my brain and desire—
between expanding universes.
We are luminous.
Like the meridian.
Like hieroglyphics.

Not shadows on a wall.
Not shadows looking for peace.

Morgan Eklund has poems in the The Louisville Review, North American Review, and Whiskey Island. She recently received an Emerging Artist Award from the Kentucky Arts Council.

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