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Mother’s Day Welcomes Summer Issue of 2RV

22_4Visit 2River to Read the Summer Issue of The 2River View
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30 Po’ Cards in 30 Days

While you wait for Mother’s Day this coming Sunday and the Summer release of The 2River View, go ahead and spend time looking again at 30 Po’ Cards in 30 Days, 2River’s celebration of National Poetry Month: April 2018.


2River’s Celebration of National Poetry Month: April 2018
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2River View Summer Tease

Visit 2River this Sunday on Mother’s Day for the Summer issue of The 2River View, with new poems by Scott Coykendall Scott Coykendall, Wendy Taylor Carlisle, Donald Illich, Laine Elizabeth Kuehn, Elizabeth Landrum, Michael Lauchlan, James Miller, Karen June Olson, Matthew S. Parsons, John Sweet, William Walsh. While you wait, enjoy this selection from the issue.

Scott Coykendall

After house painting, I dream my dead brother comes in a rowboat

Awake and unable to remember what he said, I drift through the house, still scrubbing
the stubborn paint from my hands, cooking eggs, watching my daughters float
on their lavender sheets. In the clear light

of the kitchen, I see that he and his boat were behind me all day, yesterday:
there while I hauled paint up the ladders, there while I hauled ladders around the house.
He didn’t call out. He didn’t pitch in.

I do the work of living, getting on with it. He shadows me.
That’s the way he always turns up—so quietly a day or a month or a decade may pass
before I remember he’s standing between me and the sun.

Scott Coykendall teaches journalism, technical communication, and other writing courses at Plymouth State University. His poems have appeared in Black Fox Literary Magazine, COG, The Cossack Review, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Midwest Quarterly, and Quarterly West.
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NPM 2018 | Day 30 | from INSTEAD OF DYING by Lauren Haldeman


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NPM 2018 | Day 29 | “Hive” by Kevin Young


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NPM 2018 | Day 28 | “A Man’s World” by Tracey K. Smith


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