2RV Fall Preview

The 2River View begins its twenty-second year with new poems by Walter Bargen, Christopher Alex Chablé, Mary Crow, Morgan Eklund, Ceridwen Hall, Sarah Denise Johnson, Matt Mason, Frank Montesonti, Patricia Nelson, Phillip Sterling, Nina Sudhakar; and art by Thomas Park.


While you wait for the leaves to turn and fall, enjoy this poem from the upcoming issue.

Nina Sudhakar

We Are Not Made for Sea But for Sky

Mid-afternoon the waves pull back
the covers & force us to reckon with

the suddenly nude shoreline, exposed
grains & foolishly inscribed footsteps,

crustaceans reaching antennae into the
sunshine’s abyss. Rendering us all blinking,

half-blind, remembering how a day inevitably
finds us stripped naked at its end. It doesn’t

take much to recall the milkiness of an
underwater pulse, a vague & sweeping swell

like the world’s only truth glimpsed through
the clouded murk of a liquid curtain. The time

has come to hold our breaths, to swim for a
dim light in the distance, to throw the ocean

off our shoulders. I know we yearned for a
clean slice of oxygen, for unencumbered

breath. For the sacred placation of filmy
clouds, for that voidless, depthless expanse

of blue. Only beneath do I feel the low
throb-hum that turns float to churn, blur

to clarity, that tells me I’d do anything
to reach a solitary, untroubled surface.

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Look at Who’s Appearing in the Fall 2RV

2River begins its 22 year with 639 writers submitting for Fall 2017 issue of The 2River View. Long time readers know that each issue has always been limited to 10 or 11 poets, so accepting those writers is a difficult process.


Fall 2017 Stats. Other = accepted.

Yet, 11 poets always stand out from the rest, and those appearing in the upcoming Fall 2017 issue of 2RV are Walter Bargen, Christopher Alex Chablé, Mary Crow, Morgan Eklund, Ceridwen Hall, Sarah Denise, Matt Mason, Frank Montesonti, Patricia Nelson, Phillip Sterling, and Nina Sudhakar.

Look for issue at www.2River.org on or about the fall equinox.

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2River’s Poems for National Poetry Month


Read 2River and Muddy Bank’s 2017 selections for National Poetry Month.

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NPM Day 30 | Ted Kooser | March 20: Vernal Equinox


“March 20: the  vernal equinox” by Ted Kooser, from Winter Morning Walks: one hundred postcards to Jim Harrison (Carnegie Mellon UP, 2000)
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NPM Day 29 | Marie Howe | Magdalene on Gethsemane


“Magdalene on Gethsemane” by Marie Howe, from Magdalene (Norton, 2017)


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NPM Day 28 | Jianqing Zheng | River Moon


“River Moon” by Jianqing Zheng, from Down to the Dark River (Louisiana Literature Press, 2016)
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NPM Day 27 |Mark Jackley | The Morning Sun


“The Morning Sun” by Mark Jackley, from THERE WILL BE SILENCE WHILE YOU WAIT (Plain View Press, 2009)
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