Springs a Fresh 2River

Out of the first Monday of spring flows a fresh 2River, with poems by Mark DeFoe, Michelle Acker, Karla Huston, Lois P. Jones, Kevin Kinsella, Laurie MacDiarmid, Robert Manaster, Darren Morris, Jack Powers, Juanita Rey, Ron Riekki; and art by James Deeb.

Smoking Monkey

Smoking Monkey by James Deeb

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2River Nearing End of Countdown to Spring 2RV

The Errant Parade

It’s almost the first weekend of spring and thus time is nearing for a fresh issue of The 2River View. Meanwhile, like an early flower, here’s a teaser by

Mark DeFoe

Won’t You Please Help Tiffany the Tiny Pom-Pom Girl and Little Kevin the Quarterback with Their Expensive Operations

From snapshots taped to a collection jar
they smile.  We leave our quarter’s worth of hope
where we buy beer and smokes and gas the car.

On the way to our local friendly bar
their eyes, guileless and devouring, grope
at us from the altar of their Mason jar.

Sunday we barbequed, almost broke par.
Monday—there they are—those desperate folk
who crave our loose change when we gas the car—

Quick trip or Get ‘n Go—can’t let small things mar
our laughs, our profits, our plans—make us choke
on the guilt that seeps from a half-full jar.

Salesperson, plumber, trucker, software star—
no time for sorrow in a dusty jar.

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Forget the Snow! Spring Soon!

Coming just around the corner to 2River is the 19.3 (Spring 2015) issue of The 2River View, with new poems by Michelle Acker, Mark Defoe, Karla Huston, Lois Jones, Kevin Kinsella, Laurie MacDiarmid, Robert Monaster, Darren Morris, Jack Powers, Juanita Rey, and Ron Riekki; and art by James Deeb.


The Recurring End by James Deeb

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Follow the BASH

2River in summers travels the country self-supported by bicycle. Here is the trailer for the upcoming Bikeride Around Superior and Huron (The BASH) which will complete the epic circumnavigation by bicycle of America’s great lakes.
Jump over to The UCity Review for a couple of a poems derived from these rides.
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Read in the New Year!

Read in the New Year with the Winter 2015 issue of The 2River View: new poems by Randolph Bridgeman, Sarah De Sousa, Maria Eriksson, Joy Laden, Joshua Estanislao Lopez, Heidi McKinley, Rajiv Mohabir, Charles Rafferty, Mark Schoenknecht, Sahara Smith, and David Wright; and photography by Drew Campbell.


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Happy End of the Year from 2River

End of the Year 2014

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Visit 2River for the Fall Issue of 2RV

Visit 2River now to read the 19.1 (Fall 2014) issue of The 2River View, with new poems by S. L. Alderton, Jose Angel Araguz, Philip Belcher, Grant Clauser, Heather Derr-Smith, Howie Good, Robert W. King, John McKernan, Mariene Muller, Lynne Potts, and Teresa Sutton; plus new art by Rebecca Meredith.


Vituperative by Rebecca Meredith

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